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Wave- Top 7 Guys (Travis Wall)


Princess Mononoke (1997)


Princess Mononoke (1997)

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Missing a family reunion back home, but Mom’s keeping me posted. 102 attendees this year!

Laundry Night

Laundry Night

Only 4 days ‘til Skype is demoted from it’s place as a lifeline. Though meeting parents via video chat is an interesting challenge, I’m looking forward to this Aussie’s return to the Big Apple, and I’m sure you are ready to be rid of these photosets.


Don’t freak out, but we’re giving you an extra-special Weekend Challenge on THURSDAY instead of Friday. WHAT???? Yeah. 

Check it out.

If I’m acting differently, it’s because I’m famous now.

Check out the first in a new series of intro videos for the Vimeo Weekend Challenges! It was super fun working with the incredibly talented production team, and next time I’ll be a little less terrified, right? RIGHT!?

My year, so far, via my iPhone. Creating these reminds me how hard it is to see the forest for the trees when the mire of day-to-day life can feel so oppressive. Looking back through what I chose to document is a reminder of all the good, or as a friend said, the “goofy and glorious.”

Music: On Seeing a Candle at a Rave (bit.ly/1pyMe0Z) and Keeper of the Bees (bit.ly/1pnrVpP) by Kelly Latimore

Making plans.

Making plans.

"You’re in such a vulnerable spot being anybody’s friend." — It’s only a matter of time before Alex and I build a palace to house all the people we care about. Love you, bud.



3 year old death grip!


Can’t stop watching this.

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